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    Manual Hoists (Chain Pulley Blocks)


    Repair of All Kinds of Manual Hosits

    RD Engineering has been repairing and proof load testing all manual hoists such as Chain Pulley blocks, Tirfor, Ratchets, and so on.

    Certifications – As Applicable

    Load Test Certificate: In accordance with statutory requirements, we will issue certificates for the equipment that passed the testing process. Provisions of Industrial Safety (Factories Act, 1948), Maharashtra Govt. (Issuance of Form 11) or Provisions 2(d) of Dock Workers (Safety, Health, and Welfare) Regulations, 1990, Govt. of India (Issuance of Forms II, III, IV, and VIII) In accordance with your load test requirements.
    Magnetic particle inspection: ASME Section V Article 7 certification by an ASNT Level II technician.
    Visual Inspection Certificate: Certification provided by a Qualified Inspection Engineer in accordance with the Inspection Schedule.

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