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    Load Cells Rental

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    Load Cells Rental

    RD Engineering keeps a large inventory of tension and compression load cells for rent for all types of lifting and testing activities. All equipment is calibrated in accordance with industry standards. For load cell rental inquiries, please call 8591927166 / 8425007478.

    All equipment is calibrated in accordance with industry standards.

    Rent-able equipment includes:

    Tension Load Cells up to 250 Ton

    Compression Load Cells up to 400 Ton

    Why Should You Rent?

    There are numerous reasons why renting equipment may be more convenient for you and your business. Renting equipment rather than purchasing it can improve efficiency both logistically and financially.

    • There is no need to keep equipment between jobs. When the job is finished, simply return the equipment to RD Engineering.
    • Renting equipment is a much quicker and less complicated process than purchasing or financing new equipment. RD Engineering has a sales team and equipment on standby to ensure that you get the right equipment as quickly and easily as possible.
    • access to one of the nation’s biggest rental fleets. Renting the appropriate equipment for each job eliminates the need to design the project around the capabilities of the equipment you already own.
    • There will be no time wasted repairing, maintaining, or shipping equipment. RD Engineering takes care of everything! We ensure that all equipment has been properly maintained, tested, and certified.
    • Repairs can save you both time and money. If your equipment fails in the field, you can contact us for assistance or to repair and/or replace the equipment. This can assist you in lowering overall costs, particularly costs associated with downtime or lost time.
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