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    Load Cell / Dynamometers

    Load Cell

    RD Engineering is one of the world’s leading brands for load cell calibration equipment services. Tensile bench strength, dynamo meters, and calibration load cells are among the products we offer. We provide Load Cells Calibration and Dynamo Meter Calibration.

    Load Cell Calibration

    Our load cell testing machines have a Ā±2% accuracy, making them ideal for load cell calibration services. Load cell shackle calibration, mooring or towing hook calibration with load cells, and load pin calibration are all part of the load cell calibration services.

    It also allows the customer to connect their own computer or other equipment to our machine so that both values can be processed at the same time, and we can control the speed of the load.

    We do Calibrations of

    • Load Cell Calibration
    • Load Cell Shackle Calibration
    • Calibration of Mooring or Towing hooks with Load Cell
    • Load Pin Calibration and many more Certification provided by a
    • Qualified Inspection Engineer in accordance with the Inspection Schedule.
    load cell calibration

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