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    RD Engineering offers comprehensive calibration services for all types of tension and compressive load cells and dynamometers, as well as calibration of dead weights and weighment services. With our experienced team of technicians, we provide top-notch calibration solutions to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your equipment.

    Whether you utilize load cells in industrial, commercial, or research applications, regular calibration is crucial to maintain precision and efficiency in your operations. Our meticulous calibration process involves thorough testing and adjustment, guaranteeing that your load cells perform optimally and provide accurate readings.

    In addition to load cell calibration, we specialize in calibrating dead weights. Dead weights serve as essential reference standards for calibrating weighing scales and instruments, including cranes used in various industries. Our experts meticulously calibrate dead weights, ensuring their accuracy and reliability. This calibration allows you to trust these weights for precise measurements during crane load testing.

    When it comes to crane load testing, accuracy and safety are paramount. Whether you need to verify the maximum weight capacity of your crane or ensure its stability under heavy loads, our calibration services provide you with the necessary assurance for safe and efficient operations.

    RD Engineering understands the importance of reliable calibration in meeting industry standards and ensuring the performance of your equipment. By choosing our calibration services, you can rest assured that your load cells, dynamometers, and dead weights are accurate, allowing you to make critical decisions based on precise measurements.

    With a strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, RD Engineering is your trusted partner for calibration services in India. We serve a wide range of industries and applications, providing tailor-made solutions to meet your specific requirements.

    Ensure the accuracy and reliability of your equipment by availing our calibration services. Contact us today or visit our website to learn more about our calibration offerings and other solutions. Let RD Engineering be your go-to partner for precise and efficient load cell calibration and dead weight calibration services.

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