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    RD Engineering has proof load tested a wide range of lifting tools and tackles, including wire rope slings, chain slings, shackles, hooks, connectors, plate clamps, turnbuckles, snatch blocks, links, master links, sockets, and many more.

    We run test beds with capacities of up to 150 tonnes. Experienced and certified testing inspectors perform proof loading of all types of hoisting, lifting, pulling, mooring, towing, and lashing equipment at our main lifting tools and tackles testing facility in Navi Mumbai.

    These lifting tools and tackle testing are carried out in accordance with customer specifications or in accordance with industry standards (for example, periodic testing). Tests can be witnessed by third-party classification authorities if necessary.

    All of our test beds and equipment are calibrated to national and international standards and are traceable.On our test bed, we offer the following types of tests.

    Proof Load Testing

    It is usually done with the lifting equipment’s Safe Working Load (SWL/ WLL). We perform proof load testing on a wide range of products with proof loads ranging from 50 to 150 tonnes. Shackles, blocks, hooks, lifting beams, steel wire rope or fibre rope, all types of slings, grommets, and chains are among the items available. We also put customised specials to the test.

    Break Load Testing to Destruction

    Break load and destruction is used to determine the Minimum Breaking Load (MBL) and the Actual Breaking Load (ABL). We carry out these tests on steel wire rope, grommets, wire rope slings and everything that fits in the test beds, which can be loaded up to 150 tons for destructive testing.

    Measurement Under Tension

    Our test beds are also excellent for determining the actual working length of grommets, steel wire slings, and fibre rope slings. The product is under tension during the measurements.

    Certifications – As Applicable

    • We will issue certificates in accordance with statutory requirements for the equipment that passed the testing process. Provisions of Industrial Safety (Factories Act, 1948), Maharashtra Govt. (Issuance of Form 11) or Provisions 2(d) of Dock Workers (Safety, Health, and Welfare) Regulations, 1990, Govt. of India (Issuance of Forms II, III, IV, and VIII) In accordance with your load test requirements.
    • In the 10-metre section, there is 1200 mm of available operating space under the center line.
    • Magnetic Particle Inspection: ASNT Level II Technician certification in accordance with ASME Section V Article 7.
    • Visual Inspection Certificate: A certificate issued in accordance with the Inspection Schedule by a qualified inspection engineer.
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