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Our lifting engineers can offer knowledgeable counsel on all facets of onshore and offshore lifting. For all of your lifting requirements, we can also offer a specially designed and engineered lifting solution; Engineering, inspection, and certification services are provided by RD Engineering, and these services include 3D modelling with CAD, FEA & Analysis, and on-site management.

Modern design now includes 3D modelling as a fundamental component. Comparing mechanical models to traditional trial-and-error prototyping methods, mechanical models can be altered and modified much more easily. For both brand-new and pre-existing design issues, RD Engineering provides 3D modelling services. Existing products can be added to a 3D model interface (for reverse engineering, Part-to-CAD and digital database creation).

We can create precise design concepts with the modelling software SolidWorks. Before producing prototypes, we closely collaborate with customers to improve designs and make changes. We can draught 2D and 3D engineered working drawings using 3D models, and we can iterate the design many times before prototyping. Prototypes frequently undergo minor or cosmetic changes before becoming the final production model.

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Engineering FEA & Analysis

RD Engineering can analyses almost any component in a wide range of circumstances using Solid Works. Hand calculations of a simplified model are used as the first step in the analysis process to determine whether the design is feasible. A computer model of the component is then created, and various scenarios are modeled and tested using FEA, Motion Analysis, and The outcomes of these analyses are then validated by comparison with the results of the manual calculations.

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